About the service

HYDROGEN-Desk is a cooperation between JK-Kancelaria and MEITILL Solutions Sp. z o.o.

HYDROGEN-Desk is a platform for companies and organisations that are taking steps to implement a hydrogen economy in their own operations and are looking for professional support in the investment decision-making process.

Our offer includes

Training courses

The provision of training courses, among others, allowing you to gain basic knowledge about technologies for storing and using hydrogen as a fuel, as well as training courses introducing you to the legislative environment for hydrogen investments

Legal studies

Identifying the possibilities and legal requirements for the realisation of hydrogen investments in given locations, as well as specifying the documents necessary for the realisation / operation of hydrogen investments

Technical analyses

Technical analyses of available resources and locations or verification of the feasibility of using hydrogen in technological processes

HYDROGEN - Team supports clients in the following areas

Technology and design


Environmental and operational safety of the installation



As part of the HYDROGEN-Desk offer, we can simulate the operation of the new system based on the available or planned capacity installed in renewable sources or using the current fuel consumption of the equipment.

We also offer technical analyses or feasibility studies that include a review of available solutions, preparation of a concept, an estimate of investment outlay and operating costs, and a survey of the legal situation of the project.

HYDROGEN-Desk supports the planning, organisation and execution of the pre-investment process. We accompany our clients from the preparation of technological concepts, acquisition of financing, through the search for suitable suppliers of components and investment contractors to obtaining all necessary permits. We guide you through the entire administrative and legal path.

JK-Kancelaria and MEITILL Solutions Sp. z o.o. jointly run the HYDROGEN-Academy, which provides training on available technologies, safety, the legal environment and administrative procedures.

We invite you to join our HYDROGEN-Team.