Outsourcing and R&D consulting

Consultancy and outsourcing in:

Implementation of R&D projects​

from idea to solution and commercialisation, using own and/or client’s resources

Secondment of staff ​

to implement projects at the client’s site, including management and R&D employees

Project services

planning, implementation, supervision, accounting for public funding

Search for funding and/or handling of the grant

Recommendation of relevant programs and preparation of proposal


Pre-investment consultancy

Consultancy and analysis in:


State of the art analysis of available solutions and technologies


Technology suppliers, competition, target groups

Technicalities and economics

analysis of offers, including but not limited to


Consultancy and analysis in:

Development of LCA analyses or environmental statements

Knowledge brokering

Capturing, evaluating, analysing and delivering, in an agreed form, industry knowledge​

Market analyses

Analysis of technology suppliers, competition, target groups

Feasibility studies

Support at various technology readiness levels

Technical and analytical consulting and construction of pilots and demonstrators

Level 9

Readiness for commercialisation

Level 8

Completition of research and demonstration of the final form of the technology

Level 7

Demonstration of prototype under operational conditions

Level 6

Demonstration of prototype or model of system or technology subsystem under near real conditions

Level 5

Verification of the concept in near real (simulated) environment

Level 4

Verification of the concept under laboratory conditions

Level 3

Analytical or experimental validation of the project

Level 2

Development of the technological concept and its future application